Things tend to look worse before they look better.

We’ve been painting lately. And by painting, I mean we have been painting one bedroom.

Our current painting schedule seems to involve painting one bedroom every year and a half mostly because it takes us 3,000 times longer than we expect. However, this time has gone more quickly than last time so I’ll count that as a win.

One thing remains consistent, though. When we start with the first coat of primer, I panic. The primer doesn’t evenly cover the old paint and it looks terrible. Even the first coat of paint rarely looks awesome but I have realized that this is exactly how it works - it looks worse before it looks better.

Consider this a public service announcement for life: things tend to look worse before they look better.

We aren’t doing it wrong. This is just how many things work.

And it’s not just true with painting…

The last few days of pregnancy, followed by the early days of postpartum life ALWAYS look worse before they look better. Sure, the baby is born and that is amazing, but for anyone who has ever birthed a child, can I get an AMEN that holy moly, things look ROUGH postpartum before things start to look better?

It’s also true in nature. Here in Minnesota, the end of winter looks bleak. The white snow melts and reveals brown, muddy grass. Things tend to look worse before they look better.

Reminding myself that things tend to look worse before they look better gives me the encouragement I need to keep on, keeping on and I hope it encourages you, too!

Sometimes we have to start again or have a total do-over but honestly, if we can wait for the paint to dry and look at the situation with fresh eyes the next morning, things will probably look better.