Here we go again... tackling the task at hand.

Why so much emphasis on the task at hand? Because for me, I have found that tackling the task at hand brings order to the physical chaos around me but it also brings order to the chaos WITHIN me.

As I take care of the task in front of me, my little corner of the world is made right again.

Instead of putting so much energy into procrastination, I am able to put that same energy into getting the job done. Then, it’s done and I can move on to the next thing.

This isn’t just about productivity, though. I am surprised by how often the actual act of completing the task brings me peace.

Have you ever been working on a task (folding laundry, vacuuming or prepping a meal) and you realize that your brain just sorted out what you should have for dinner when you have those people over? Or you find that while you were folding towels, you were able to figure out how to make your schedule work that week when you have a lot going on?

The actual task itself brings order to my life and what my mind does while I complete the task brings me peace.

I share all of this because I used to resent and avoid the menial, daily tasks. I thought that these tasks distracted me from greater things. The opposite seems to be true.

If I can force myself to complete the task at hand when I feel distracted or unsettled, the order I bring to the physical chaos around me begins to bring order to the chaos WITHIN me.

What does this practically look like in my daily life? 

On mornings when I am dragging (which is often), the last thing I want to do is tackle the task at hand but if I don’t, I become a really crabby wife and mama. 

I begin slowly – I wake up. I sit and drink some coffee and pray. Then, I eat breakfast with my family. If I wake up late and/or start to resent the day that is before us, that is a sign to me that I need to get moving. If everyone and everything is annoying me, then I REALLY need to get moving. 

I remind myself to tackle the task at hand. 

I unload the dishwasher.

I load the breakfast dishes and put the toaster away.

I quickly clean the counter because the toaster leaves behind crumbs that will annoy me all morning if I leave them there.

Then, what was once a chaotic-looking kitchen quickly gets put back together and I hate everything less. 

Usually by this point, I have the momentum to move on with my day. This is nothing fancy but it works. 

It never fails - tackling the task at hand brings order to the physical chaos around me but even more importantly, it brings order to the chaos within me. I hope this helps to bring order to the chaos in your home and your heart, too.

Here’s to tackling the task at hand today. We are in this together.

Thanks for being here,