Conquering to-do lists.

I don't know about you but I have a bunch of to-do lists.

Lists on paper, lists in the Notes app on my phone and mental to-do lists a mile long. Not to mention the to-do list that I rattle off to my husband as he asks me how my day has been.

While to-do lists can be helpful, I have found them paralyzing because it's hard to know what to tackle first and if procrastination sets in, I am a goner.

I have started tackling my to-do list by writing down three things every day that I hope to accomplish. This is usually in addition to other more routine-things that I am getting done UNLESS even those tasks are difficult to get done; then I add them to this list.

In my planner, I write 3 THINGS and list three tasks I hope to get done that day. Depending on the day, it could be something I had hoped to do yesterday (fold towels or write dinner plan for the week) or a habit I am hoping to work on (only check my phone at 10am and 2pm) or something I was hoping to do more of (read to the boys).

This list tends to be a way to concretely work on areas of my life that are going to get lost when grouped on a giant to-do list. I try to review the list at the end of the day and add check-marks to the things I tackled - who doesn't like checking things off a list!?

Because I write this list in my planner, I can go back and look at my lists from previous weeks and celebrate the tasks I got done. On the flip-side, I can also quickly see the tasks that I continue to add to this list that I NEVER check-off. For example, I kept adding wake up at 5:30am to my list and it wasn't happening. Instead, I started writing go to bed at 9:30pm which has helped me, in turn, wake up earlier.

While I still have to-do lists floating around, the 3 THINGS list has held me more accountable to focusing on several things every day instead getting lost in never-ending to-do lists.

Now, I am off to tackle the first of my 3 THINGS today which does in fact include folding towels that have eluded me.

Whatever is on your list today, know that you are not alone and we are in this together! Thanks for being here.