How-to: the kitchen trash

Earlier this month, I wrote about that thing in the back of your mind that kind of bothers you but not enough for you to do anything about it.

I find that even if it doesn't bother me enough to address it right this second, it is still playing in the background, stealing precious brain-space I could be using elsewhere.

When I finally do something about it, I experience immediate relief followed by the feeling of man, I should have done that sooner.

Case in point, the kitchen trash. After years of zero rhyme or reason to when we'd take out the trash, we established a simple kitchen trash routine that has brought us peace and less stress.

Have you ever taken out the kitchen trash in a rush, only to find it is so full that has leaked every where? Do you find yourself wondering if you can make it through one more meal (or until someone else notices) so don't you have to take the kitchen trash out right this second? Have you cooked chicken for dinner, along with broccoli, onion and other pungent ingredients and wake up to a rank kitchen because you left the raw chicken, broccoli and onion pieces in the trash overnight? (Can you tell this was an issue in our household?)

What if I told you that we can eliminate all of that once and for all?

Take out the kitchen trash every night before you go to bed. Or better yet, delegate it to a family member.

Add this task to your evening routine and try it for a week and I bet that you experience less of the "ugh, I need to take out the trash" narrative that plagued you before.

We have noticed several benefits to taking out the trash every night:

  • we have automated a regular household task. When we automate tasks, we decrease decision fatigue which brings us greater peace and freedom.

  • we are being proactive by regularly taking out the trash, instead of reactive (oh my goodness, the trash stinks and I have to take it out right. this. second

  • our trash doesn't have a chance to get stinky

  • the trash bags fit better into the larger trashcan in the garage because we have a bunch of smaller trash bags instead of a couple giant ones

If you never experience stress surrounding your kitchen trash, carry on and proceed as normal.

However, if this is an area you could automate to cultivate more peace and freedom in your life, try taking out the kitchen trash every evening for a week. I am willing to bet you appreciate this simple but impactful routine!

If you try it, let me know how it goes in the comments below. I'd love to hear how it works for you. Thanks for reading! I am so glad you are here.