Choose one day of the week to stay home.

I have been a mama for almost five years. 

It has taken me close to five years to have the brain space to figure out what I need to do on a regular basis to make this whole marriage, motherhood and homemaking thing work. This is still a constant work in progress but I have found one thing that has revolutionized our life at home.


Mondays used to be the bane of my existence. I felt frazzled after busy weekends and I would plan to grocery shop or have a play date first thing on Monday morning. I really dreaded Monday morning because I didn't feel ready to launch back into the world.

Then I established our once-a-week laundry routine and I needed to be home for the whole day to make that happen. I committed to being home on Mondays and not only was our laundry routine revolutionized but so was our weekly routine.

Because Mondays were committed to laundry and being at home, I could assign one other day for outings/playdates and another for grocery shopping. Sprinkle in miscellaneous appointments and other out of the ordinary events and our weeks were full but our Mondays at home were protected.

I found that by being home on Mondays, I felt more peace as the weekend ended because I knew we had Monday morning to reset while laundry did its thing. I had a built-in day to get things done around the house and re-connect with the boys if we had a busy weekend. If nothing else, laundry was done and I felt free from worrying about laundry every day.

Combat decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is a real thing and I would feel it Sunday night into Monday.

I used to try to cram everything into a Monday morning because it was the first day of the week and I felt like I needed to start the week off with a bang. However, that left me frazzled.

Being home on Mondays acts as a buffer between the weekends and weekdays and I only had to decide once what I will do on those days - stay at home and do laundry.

I have found that it pays to be intentional about how we schedule our weeks. If an aspect of your schedule is leaving you frazzled, is there a way to rearrange it, simplify or condense activities? It's a process and takes trial and error but it's worth it to find a routine that brings life into our days.

Here's to a great week. I am cheering you on as you go about your day. Thanks for being here!