This is me.

You guys. This week was a doozy. Who decided to end Daylight Savings Time while unleashing winter along with cold and flu season topped off with an election all in the same week?

Clobbered is the word the comes to mind but it's going to be okay. It is already okay.

Yesterday I had to dig deep to tackle the tasks at hand. I was literally coaching myself through the motions of loading the breakfast dishes, changing diapers and laying the baby down for a nap.

Then, the day got better.

I know that this is true - when I am feeling "off" or in a funk, if I tackle the task at hand long enough, the day gets better or I at least get to the end of it having accomplished something. More often than not, the day gets better.

For that, I am grateful.

You know what else can pull me out of a funk? Great music.

You may have seen the video below but it continues to be one I can't stop watching. Below the video, you will find seven reasons why I love it. I hope it encourages you this Friday at the end of a doozy of a week.


This video captures one of the most authentic and vulnerable moments of the creative process that I have ever seen.


Keala Settle (the lead singer), is nervous out of her mind. We've all been there. Her nervousness is palpable. She has the option to quit, power through it reluctantly or give it her all. She chooses the third option and inspires everyone watching her.


The guy in the purple jacket. As the song begins, everyone is going through the motions. Keala is crazy nervous and everyone is ready to power through it. After the first verse and the chorus, she steps out into the room reluctantly. The music continues to build and the guy in the purple jacket prepares to sing. You can tell that he doesn't consider this anything out of the ordinary. By the time he looks up, though, Keala is encouraging him and he jumps right in.


Some days we are Keala. We have to dig deep and put ourselves out there because we have been given a gift we need to share with others or because we are convicted in a specific way or just because we showed up. It's scary but we were made for it.


Other days we are the guy in the purple jacket. We show up where we're supposed to be when we are supposed to be there and we encounter someone who is putting themselves out there. We have the opportunity to encourage them and help them with whatever they are carrying that day or we can leave them out to dry. It is amazing to see how Keala and the guy in the purple jacket support one another in this video.


The guy at the piano: Justin Paul. He is one of the songwriters for the The Greatest Showman. He is living the dream. I love his energy level.


Keala's shrug at the end. What a transformation. She began the song with such reluctance and nervousness and by the end she hasn't left anything on the table.

No matter how reluctantly we started today, here's to not leaving anything on the table. This is me. This is the life I have been given and I want to give it my all.

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