Back on Instagram and two book recommendations

Sunday afternoons are for deep thoughts. Or at least COMPLETE thoughts (because Matt and the boys are watching football together). 

I jumped back onto Instagram today (follow me @anitavettel). So much of what I am thinking about these days revolves around homemaking. While there are many people posting decorating tips and recipes on the ‘gram, I’d like to focus more on what is working for us and how I am processing the mental and practical hurdles I experience as a homemaker.

I think this whole “making a house a home” thing is difficult because we don’t inherit a how-to method for how to make things work within a home.

What we do have is Pinterest, lots of beautiful photos of perfectly staged homes on Instagram and fully-stocked Hobby Lobby and Home Goods stores.

While those things can bring warmth into our homes, if our homes are crazy places to begin with, we’re just putting a bandaid on the issue. We still have no idea what we are doing.

Two books in particular have helped me create my own how-to method in my home:

My main takeaway from both books is that homemaking is a cycle that brings order to chaos. When I think of it this way, I am less resentful of the work around me because I recognize this is all part of a cycle that repeats itself. I’m not surprised when there is laundry to do or dishes to load - it’s just time to bring order to the chaos again. 

Creating my own systems to address this chaos has required a lot of trial and error. I’ve had to ask myself what I could do differently on days when we’ve been on the struggle bus. 

I have also had to be patient with myself during seasons of barely hanging on (especially when pregnant or postpartum).

Life is chaotic and messy and homemaking exists to make things right again. The fact that it is messy doesn’t mean we are doing it wrong - it just means we get to bring order to life once again. 

What has been your experience of learning to make a house a home? 

P.S. I’d totally recommend either of these books - and if you had to choose one, I’d pick Home Comforts. The author addresses the philosophy behind homemaking but also gives tons of practical tips for HOW to do things, too.