A Simple Meal for Hosting

Below you will find one of my go-to meals for hosting. This meal is ideal for the cooler months and the pumpkin dessert is a perfect fall dish. I've included links to each recipe and modifications I tend to make although the recipes are great as they are if you choose to follow them.

Chuck Roast with Balsamic and Dijon: I follow the crockpot directions. I never braise the beef and I begin by cooking the onions with a little olive oil. I always forget the thyme and it always turns out delicious.

Best Holiday Apple Salad: I omit the pecans and use other dressing just to simplify it.

Ciabatta rolls: found in the bakery section of grocery stores - just pop them in the oven,

Pumpkin Crunch Cake: I crumble Biscoff cookie pieces on top instead of nuts.

This meal is great for hosting guests because you can bake the cake the day beforehand or the morning of the dinner. The roast needs to be in the crockpot that morning. The salad can be prepped ahead of time so only the rolls will need to be baked right before dinner and the roast can be easily cut into smaller chunks and placed in a serving dish. The only tasks remaining include setting the table and preparing the drinks. Enjoy!